Family Law

Family law is the branch of law that deals with many of the issues relating to families, including divorce, paternity, and domestic partnership cases. In Riverside County, these cases are heard in the Family Law Division of the Riverside Superior Court. Each of these cases is as individual and unique as the people who have come to the Court. However, the Court may not be aware of the important and legally significant facts that each judge must have in order to make a fair decision regarding the specific issues relating to the parties in each case. It is the responsibility of the parties and their attorneys to present that information. A party who can present the relevant information briefly and clearly, with documentation to support it, has an advantage over a party who does not communicate as clearly. An attorney can help his or her client communicate the important and relevant information to the Court so that the Judge knows your position before you even walk into the courtroom.

Julie Clark, Attorney at Law practices exclusively in family law and has extensive experience helping families navigate and resolve the challenges of a variety of legal issues. If you questions or require assistance regarding a family law matter, contact our firm.