Hemet, CA Child Custody Attorney

Smiling ChildOur children are often both our greatest treasure and pleasure. Watching kids grow up is one of the most rewarding experiences of adult life, and no loving parent wants to give up time with his or her children because of a divorce.

That’s why child custody can be such a sensitive and difficult issue. Parents who love and cherish their children may have marriages which must dissolve. But when a divorce takes place even more conflict can arise. Will child custody be split? Will one parent have sole custody, and how is that determined? How are visitation times decided, and what happens if they are violated?

In Hemet, family is a big part of the community. There are plenty of museums, like the Fingerprints Youth Museum, and other fun places to take the kids and spend time playing and learning. Having the kids at home is just as fun and rewarding — simply spending an hour watching TV – together – can be special for you and your child.

That’s why it’s so important questions like the ones above can be answered. An experienced child custody attorney in Hemet can help answer those questions, and reduce the painful conflict that may arise when child custody is discussed.

At Julie Clark, Attorney at Law, my staff and I work with you every step of the way to determine what is best for your young children and take the most appropriate legal action in regards to child custody. Our goal is to ensure that you and your family are able to spend happy, healthy time together with as little conflict as possible — even after a tough divorce.

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