Temecula, CA, Child Custody Lawyer

sad boy What is child custody? It may not be what you think it is. Many parents believe that child custody refers to the time you’re allowed to spend with your child after a divorce, but the decision of child custody affects much deeper realms of parenthood.

Child custody refers to the ability to make legal decisions for your child. With child custody, you’re able to be a part of decisions, such as whether or not your child receives vaccinations and what school in Temecula he or she attends. If you don’t have legal custody or partial legal custody of your child, you don’t have the right to consent to (or veto) major decisions regarding your child.

Imagine if your ex-spouse wished to send your child to a private Catholic school. Not only may this decision not align with personal or religious beliefs that you believe your child should be exposed to at a young age, private schools often have hefty tuition fees. If you don’t have partial custody of your child, you won’t have any say in a significant decision regarding his or her education and, if you’re responsible for child support, you may still have to pay for it.

On the other hand, if a parent does not make responsible or safe decisions on the behalf of his or her child, allowing that parent legal custody could be detrimental to a child’s well being. What if that parent fights against the vaccination of your child for dangerous illnesses, or keeps the child out of school?

Usually, the court grants legal custody to both parents unless there are exceptional circumstances for one parent, such as extended absence, drug or alcohol addiction, mental illness, or severe criminal convictions.

If someone is alleging that you are not capable of handling legal custody of your child responsibly, or if you believe that the other parent is not capable, consulting a family law attorney is in your best interest. A family lawyer will work with you through the legal process of child custody and determine the best options for your family. The attorneys at Julie Clark, Attorney at Law have helped countless Temecula parents seek a fair ruling for child custody.

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