Divorce, no matter how often it occurs, is not something for which most people plan. No one enters a marriage planning for it to end in divorce. That is why when the time comes, people find themselves confused, frustrated, and unhappy with the changes in their lives. Divorce is a life-changing event, but if both parties try, it should be as positive an experience as possible.

That is where our firm comes in. We can assist you throughout every aspect of the divorce process, working toward the fair divorce that is right for you.

Not every divorce is the same. In fact, every divorce case is unique, because it involves different people with different problems and reasons for the divorce. This is why the attorneys at Julie Clark, Attorney At Law, treat every client like the individual person he or she is. We understand that this can be a very emotional time for you, and we want to help you through it every step of the way. With our individual approach to each client, working with your attorney will not feel like just another step in the process, but instead a comforting move in the right direction.

We help our clients on a personal level.

Some divorce cases are more complicated than others. This could depend on a variety of different factors. These cases are not always just about the separation of two spouses, but about their entire lives. Some of these other factors include child custody, spousal support, division of assets and debts, valuation of a business, division of the retirement plans, orders regarding what happens with the family home, attorney fees, and many other issues.

Whether you have one or all of these issues to deal with, our firm will treat your case with the utmost respect and patience. We will help you with each one of the issues in your case, with the same attention, insuring that when the entire process is over, that you are confident about how and why each issue was resolved.

In each and every case, the judge needs to know many of the facts regarding your situation in order to make a decision that is fair and equitable. We can help you sort out your facts and place them before the Court in a manner that allows the judge to understand YOUR reasons why you want a particular decision.

Under the law, it is the responsibility of each party to give these facts to the court. A party who is represented has the advantage because the attorney can help you decide what facts are the type that each judge uses to make his or her decision. The presentation is key when preparing for your court case. The more prepared you are, the more a positive outcome is possible. Often, the judge is not allowed to consider new facts that are spoken or stated for the first time at a hearing. This means that if one party is less prepared than the other, they are immediately put at a disadvantage by the rules of evidence and civil procedure.

Preparation can be considered the most important step of the process. Without the proper preparation of documents and information, you could find yourself leaving the courtroom with much less than you actually deserve. This could result in you not being able to adequately support yourself, and affect the quality of your life for many years.

Because child custody and spousal support are both very important topics that will be discussed with the judge, if you have not adequately prepared the facts and documentation, this could greatly affect the rest of the child’s life, as well as yours.

Divorce is not always just about the two spouses, and the attorneys at our firm understand the importance of any family involved in this decision. Not only do you want to do whatever you can to receive a fair outcome for yourself, you want to make sure that you are setting your child up for success and happiness as well. And we want to make sure that we assist you in doing so.

We will help you get through this confusing time.

It is normal for anyone going through or preparing for a divorce to have a lot of questions. How does the court determine child custody and support? How much will I have to pay for all of this to end well? Is there an equation to determine spousal support? Will spousal support go down if my income changes? Do I need to prove to the judge if my spouse was cheating on me during the marriage? Does it make a difference? By working with one of our attorneys, we can help answer all of these questions and ease your anxiety about the situation. We will help advocate for your rights and represent you in a way that protects your best interest.

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If you’re considering a divorce in Hemet, Temecula, or surrounding cities in California, an experienced family law attorney can help you gather, organize, and submit all of the relevant information needed by the court, thereby helping to ensure that your divorce orders are fair. If you aren’t familiar with California law, working with an experienced California attorney will work to your benefit.

We understand that every case is unique. That is why we treat every case individually, taking the steps that are needed for each specific case. You and your family are experiencing multiple waves of different emotions during this time, and the state of being unsure should not be one of them. Choosing to work with us can increase your confidence and ease your anxiety. We build trust with our clients, whether that be trusting that we are giving them the right information or trusting that we will do everything that we can to ensure that the divorce will end in the fairest way possible.

If you or a loved one are going through or preparing for a divorce in California, do not hesitate to contact Julie Clark, Attorney At Law today.