Hemet, CA Family Court Lawyer

Judge's GavelHemet, California is a beautiful southern California city, complete with beautiful views and activities to participate in with family and the community. If you live in Hemet, you likely already know all of this. But, if you’re struggling with family matters, there’s a chance you’re not enjoying everything about your time in Hemet.

If you’re considering a divorce, or have decided on one with your spouse, then you’re likely experiencing a time of stress and confusion. If you have children, the divorce process can be even more complicated — especially if you and your spouse are having issues determining custody and visitation.

Sometimes, issues of custody, dividing assets, and other family law matters require some trips to the courtroom so a judge can determine what might be best for your situation. A courtroom setting can be daunting, and having to stand and present your case to a judge utterly nerve wracking. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.

Having a family court attorney on your side will make it simpler to present a case that works in your favor. An attorney will work with you every step of the way to gather the most valuable information and evidence for your divorce or paternity case. Julie Clark has served the Hemet community and presented countless cases in family court. Julie Clark is dedicated to bringing peace back to the families of Hemet, and will work on your case through family court to its conclusion.

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