Hemet, CA Legal Separation Lawyer

Separating coupleHemet, California is a beautiful West Coast community filled with families, history, and culture. Starting a family in Hemet is not a hard decision to make, but the decision to separate is much more difficult. Spouses may choose legal separation over dissolution (divorce) may happen for many reasons, such as religious objections or health issues.

Sometimes, marriages reach a point where it seems that there is no way to settle the conflicts that arise. At this point, you might be considering a divorce or legal separation. If you’re not ready to legally end your marriage, but you know that you and your spouse need considerable time apart, then a legal separation agreement may be best for you.

With a legal separation, you can still make decisions and agreements regarding orders of child support, child custody, spousal support, assets, property, and any other orders you can get with a divorce case.

Writing up a legal separation agreement can be stressful and full of legalities, just like a divorce. Having a family law attorney on your side will help you be confident that you are being treated fairly and in the separation agreement.

Deciding to legally separate from your spouse is a hard decision, but it is one that can lead to a greater sense of peace for you, your spouse, and the entire family. Contact Julie Clark, Attorney at Law in Hemet, CA for information on legal separation.