Temecula, CA, Legal Separation Attorney

Black and white hands with ringTemecula, California, is known as a tourist destination because of the Temecula Valley Wine Country, the Balloon and Wine festival, and championship golf courses. But, there is more to the community than beautiful resorts and good wine. Temecula is a city where many people get married and start their families.

Whether you’re sending your kids to a school in the highly-rated Temecula Valley Unified School District, or you and your spouse are taking advantage of the many activities and amenities in the city, Temecula can be a wonderful community to live in. But, if problems arise between you and your spouse, the relationship that was the foundation for your life in Temecula could crumble — putting a hold on your life and your enjoyment of the community.

Often times, couples think that divorce is the only solution to a marriage that is no longer healthy or functional. But, there are other options. A legal separation is a relatively rare procedure that is similar to divorce but with one key difference: neither party can remarry after entering an agreement of legal separation.

In many cases, legal separation is the best option for couples that have not lived in the state or country long enough to file for dissolution. But, legal separation is also a viable option for couples who agree that legal time apart — but not necessarily a complete dissolution of marriage — is what they need. No matter what your reasons are for choosing a legal separation, if you and your spouse do eventually decide that a divorce is best then one party must file a Petition for Dissolution.

Like divorce, the process of legal separation can be confusing and the legal twists and turns may leave you feeling lost and frustrated — especially because the process is more rare than a divorce. If you and your spouse are considering a legal separation in Temecula, contacting an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the process will make it less stressful.

The attorneys at Julie Clark, Attorney at Law have served families in Temecula for years and can give you the guidance you need. Based on your unique case and circumstance, we will answer your questions and concerns regarding legal separation.

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