Can A Prenup Be Avoided?

Two metal wedding bandsIf you and your fiancé(e) are getting married in Hemet, California in the next year, you might be considering a prenuptial agreement. Having a prenuptial agreement drawn up between a couple is a choice, but once the document has been agreed upon and signed it is unlikely that you will avoid the consequences of what was written in the contract. But the statutory requirements for a prenuptial agreement are very stringent, and usually requires that both parties have attorneys.

What is a prenup? It’s an agreement between spouses that lies out all the terms for possession of assets, treatment of future earnings, respective control of property, and the guidelines for division if the marriage dissolves in to divorce down the road. Simply put, this agreement is a plan for the future because the future is unpredictable.

Drawing up a prenuptial agreement between you and your future spouse has several benefits. You can make decisions about protecting each other from debt, keeping any property obtained over the course of the marriage within the family, and clarify other responsibilities for the marriage.

Many of these guidelines are already set up — in a broader sense — in the state divorce laws of California, regardless of whether you and your spouse have a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement allows you and your spouse to personally determine how everything will be handled if a divorce is necessary or one of you passes away. It may seem morbid, but planning for the future can be truly beneficial.

If you’re considering a prenuptial agreement in Hemet, CA, then don’t hesitate to contact a family law attorney. My staff and I have worked with both the Courts and marrying couples in Hemet for many years and we can assist you through the entire, and sometimes daunting, process of drawing up a prenuptial agreement.

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