Hemet, CA Restraining Order Attorney

Sad person with glassesLiving, working, and raising a family in Hemet, California has its joys and its hardships. A family should be a treasure, and even when there is conflict, coming home every day knowing you can provide for them and spend time with them is often rewarding.

But, when conflict becomes more frequent and sometimes threatening, decisions may be necessary to protect both your life and livelihood. Restraining orders are one of those decisions and can have serious affects on a person’s life and his or her ability to spend time with and provide for a family.

If your spouse or legal partner requests protection from you, the Court may grant him or her a temporary restraining order for a short period of time. Violating this initial order can have serious consequences. In some cases, even having this order out against you can prevent you from being employed during that time period — depending on your career.

If you’ve been informed of a temporary restraining order in Hemet, you might be confused and scared. You knew there was conflict, but weren’t expecting this type of legal action. But you’re not alone, and you have rights — consulting a family law attorney who has experience with restraining orders may be in your best interest.

A temporary restraining order can be turned in to a permanent restraining order in one court hearing, resulting in even more negative affects. If you’re under a temporary restraining order, contacting a lawyer to discuss your situation and legal rights before the hearing will only benefit your situation.

The attorneys at Julie Clark, Attorney at Law have served families in the Hemet community for many years and has experience handling cases with restraining orders. To better understand your legal rights and options regarding a restraining order, contact us today.

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