Infidelity No Longer the Main Cause for Divorce

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Divorce causes - Julie Clark, Attorney at LawAs an experienced family law attorney in Hemet, California, I hear a wide range of reasons for filing for divorce.  Often, for example, the person’s spouse was caught cheating or being unfaithful.  In recent years, however, I’ve begun to notice a new trend in marital breakups:  unreasonable behavior.

According to a new study from Cooperative Legal Services, most couples today blame their breakup on unreasonable behavior.

The study examined trends from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. In past decades, divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behavior was cited in twenty-eight percent of divorce cases. Today, it’s up to forty-seven percent.

“Unreasonable behavior” is defined by such things as a husband making his wife feel guilty about going out with her friends because he’s not sociable or a spouse taking money out of the family savings.

The study found that as divorce because of unreasonable behavior rises, splits due to extramarital affairs are decreasing, now at fifteen percent.

Divorce is a difficult time in anyone’s life, regardless of the circumstances of the breakup. After spending so long with a spouse, parting ways with them will cause some hurt, even if it’s best for both parties. Nobody wants their marriage to fail; however, sometimes people find incompatibility when it’s too late, and neither can be truly happy until they can move on.

I understand these feelings. If you are considering a divorce, please feel free to contact my office with your questions.

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